Q: Do you come on site for consultation?
A: Yes, we come to you, depending on the distance. For more details on travel rate please contact us.
Q: What does a typical consultation consist of?
A: Typically a consultation consists of a rough sketch and an in-depth discussion on a variety of topics. Things like choosing plant material, plant grouping and spacing. We also look at problem diagnosis, plant material identification, and very specific details like pruning, fertilizing etc.
Q: What is a utility right of way and who needs to know?
A: Homeowners need to know that there are bylaws set out by the city on what can and can’t be done in the utility right of way on your property. Every town is different. A utility right of way is the easement on their property where water and sewer runs, which the city requires use of if they need to.
Q: Who do we contact to learn more about right of way?
A: It’s in your RPR report….talk to the city or your realtor to find out more.
Q: What is an RPR?
A: An RPR is a real property report. It can also be listed as a plot plan which consists of a survey of the land.
Q: What is the average length of time to get the landscape plan done?
A: Rough sketches are done during a consultation for landscape designs and plans, and the formal drawing should be ready within 2 to 3 weeks, but it does depend on how big the yard is and the complexity of the plan.
Q: Why should anyone use a landscape designer?
A: It enhances the look of your home and increases property value. It also gives your home and garden that professional curb appeal. Having a landscape designer help you ensures proper placement of material and enables planning in stages, which can be a great advantage as well.